casual mergoat vstreamer/vtuber💚💜👁️🐐👁️💜💚

pfp by yamagentapint


barrels livarotte
filipino, english, taglish, mura, swear
casual mergoat from the philippines
just vibin' in the internet uwu!!
very makalat/messy hence sloppybarrels
i just like streaming and hanging out virtually~
live2d model + rig by uintasama
schedule template + twitch panels by ailith666


games that you can catch me playing on stream:
pokemon unite
pokemon violet
genshin impact
story of seasons: pioneers of olive town
i stream art as well~
you can watch me doing commissions, making fanart, or just messing around with colours and stuff!!
karaoke streams are something that i love doing!!
sometimes i muster up the energy and courage(?) to upload scuffed covers on my youtube!
my twitter is RT-heavy and can be NSFW at times


general: #sloppybarrels
livestream: #barrelsLive
art + singing + voice acting: #barrelsLikha
meme: #barrelsVibe
clips: #barREELs


my social media, streams, and other content could be classified as R18 and may feature mature themescontent warnings:
moderate to excessive swearing (english + filipino)
sexually suggestive content (big ass tiddies + jokes + occassional flirting)
food (mentions + images)
mental health/illness (discussions/vents + imagery/art)
horror (body, psychological, cosmic)
eyes (staring)
opinions/discussions on art, politics, religion, education, etc.
me being "makalat" or "sloppy"
if you're not comfortable with this stuff i advise that you do not follow me or engage with my content

important note: if you think that i may be spreading misinformation please feel free to correct me!!


Once upon a time, a mergoat who lived in a lake wished that she could fly like the birds in the sky. She would swim to the shore and attempt to drag herself out. Praying to the sky gods that they would let her fly.Everyday the mergoat would swim to the shore and pray. Her frequent visits slowly led to her scales falling off. After all, this isn't a place for someone like her and her body greatly took the toll.Her scales are fed to the lake's infestation. Soon enough, there were no scales left. The hyacinths grew full. Her tail was gone and was replaced with legs.The lake did not appreciate the ungrateful mergoat who longed for the sky so much.It disowns the ungrateful and wash away their scales. Scales never to be seen again. It was how it serves its justice.On that shore, the mergoat kept praying to the sky everyday but the gods would never grant her wish. Cursed to stay and long for the jk no i'm just a furry shut-in vibin in the internet